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Fragrance collections

Explore our beautifully curated fine personal and home fragrance collections featuring a vast range of sensory experiences in every price range. Find the perfect gifts for any occasion: Penhaligon's, Maison Louis Marie, and Caswell-Massey are now included in our automatic 15% off summer promotion.

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John Derian

Legendary handmade decoupage inspired by 18th century prints


John Robshaw Textiles

New for the season! While keeping it warm, soft, chic, and cozy are yearlong essentials, these fair trade bohemian textiles with options aplenty bring a fresh aesthetic to the bedroom décor.

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Looking for an iconic piece of decorative art for a special occasion? The most coveted MacKenzie-Childs gifts this season are just in and already a part of our pre-season promotion. Find you favorite collectible decor to give some extra sparkle this holiday season.

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Penhaligon's Halfeti

Here's to love! An intoxicating, mysterious fragrance: vigorous grapefruit, levantine spice, and rose tangle in the moonlight. But what’s that upon the riverbank? Could it be the fabled black rose? For the ultimate "wow" factor, choose Halfetti as a gift set, a soap box, or a cologne!

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Prestige from the past until today
An incursion in the historical, immortal and blazing Italy. Antiquity, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical and Modernism. . . A time travel over the course of the Italian Arts in a modern color palette. Made in France and stain resistant, machine washable.

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Maison Louis Marie

Louis Marie Aubert du Petit Thouars was a pioneer in French botanical history. During the French revolution, he was exiled to Madagascar, La Reunion, and the Mauritius Islands where he discovered a vast array of plant specimens. Ten years later and bearing a collection of over 2,000 plants, Louis Marie was finally able to return to France where he was elected a member of the prestigious Académie des Sciences. We are pleased to present these fragrances developed 200 years later by his granddaughter in Belgium—steeped in his botanical history and rave reviews as the "it" fragrances of the moment by the likes of New York Magazine, Vogue, and T Magazine (of The New York Times).



Crafted in America by the finest New England artisans nurtured in a great family tradition known for their exquisite weaving and embroidery work, the Matouk brand offers a wide variety of bed linen designs with the highest quality standards.

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Fragrance Collections

There is a gift to satisfy for every Occasion! Choose from the oldest perfumers in America, Caswell Massey and their wonderful cologne and beauty clean and exquisite selections: including hand creams, shave accessories and more...

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