Vibrant Butterflies

Our Favorite Visitors to Flowers and Gardens

Jaret C. Daniels

Appreciate the delicate beauty of butterflies! This coffee-table book walks readers through the world of butterflies, with large, stunning photographs and informative text presented in concise blocks for easy browsing.

Butterflies capture our imaginations. From the miraculous metamorphosis to their intricate wing patterns, these amazing insects inspire feelings of wonder and adoration. Acclaimed author and entomologist Jaret C. Daniels brilliantly portrays butterflies from across the United States through a one-of-a-kind collection of images. Along with full-color photography, Daniels shares his expert insights, including such fascinating facts as the Monarch’s incredible migration and how butterflies use their feet to taste. The presented information seasons your understanding and enhances your enjoyment of these beloved bugs. Vibrant Butterflies is perfect for anyone who treasures nature, and it promises to delight as it walks you through the world of butterflies.