The Staub Cookbook

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Modern Recipes for Classic Cast Iron

Staub & Amanda Frederickson


240 pages

A beautiful love letter to the enameled cast-iron cookware of Staub, with 100 achievable, modern recipes from top chefs and bloggers from around the country

For decades, Staub has been an international leader and tastemaker in the cookware field. Based in France, the company’s cookware graces the shelves of top chefs like Daniel Kluger and Paul Virant as well as home cooks like Julia Turshen. They have come to rely on the company’s cast-iron cookware because of its versatility, durability, and heat-retaining properties; Staub pieces are workhorses that can easily go from oven to table because of their beautiful construction and design. In this book, written by popular food blogger Amanda Frederickson, Staub cookware shines in the presentation of everday inspiring recipes like Lemon-Ricotta Dutch Baby, Wild Mushroom Skillet Lasagna, and Chicken Braised with Thyme and Figs. With gorgeous photography and cooking tips and tricks, The Staub Cookbook will be a staple on kitchen shelves for years to come.