The New York Times Will Shortz's Favorite Sunday Crossword Puzzles

The New York Times Sunday crosswords are America's favorite puzzles, and under the leadership of legendary Times crossword editor Will Shortz, the Sunday puzzles have become even more renowned, featuring virtuoso construction, clever clues, and increased wordplay, as well as fresh vocabulary, and a hip, contemporary attitude.

Now Shortz has chosen his fifty all-time favorite Sunday puzzles from the pages of the Times and collected them all in this volume. Once you start these puzzles, you won't be able to stop!
• Special introduction by Will Shortz
• Personal commentary from Will Shortz on why each puzzle made his list of all-time greats
• Creative themes, wordplay, and amazing tricks—each puzzle has something that makes it one of the best ever!
• Sunday puzzles are up to 40% bigger than weekday-size puzzles, with fewer black squares and more inventive themes