The Great Grilled Cheese Book

Grown-Up Recipes for a Childhood Classic

Eric Greenspan

hardcover, 152 pages

Fifty chef-created recipes—some classic, some boundary pushing—for America’s favorite sandwich, the grilled cheese

A fresh take on the beloved American classic, from white bread with American Cheese to “The Champ” (a taleggio and short rib extravaganza);“Johnny Pastrami,” which combines pastrami with the bite and freshness of apple chutney; or “The Tomater” with creamy mozzarella and a sun-dried tomato spread. Featuring both common and elevated ingredients like triple cream brie, poppy seed bread, olive tapenade, fig marmalade, smoked salmon, chestnuts, bourbon-glazed ham, balsamic beet puree, lemon garlic aioli, and raisin walnut bread, The Great Grilled Cheese Book has something for every taste, along with insights to up your grilled cheese game.