Contemporary Classical Architecture

John B. Murray

Elizabeth Brooke Murray

Foreword by Bunny Williams

hardcover, 256 pages

Through his mastery of traditional detailing and his deep commitment to quality in every aspect of architecture, John B. Murray draws upon the rich and enduring legacy of the classical tradition to create residences that speak to the expectations of contemporary life.

New Old House Journal observes: “Murray has a reputation for refined and gracious designs and renovations of fashionable residences—from grand country estates to New York City apartments and townhouses.” He is particularly adept at interpreting his clients’ dreams into stunning built reality. Murray designs residences that imbue their occupants with a refined sense of well being.

Through the presentation of fifteen country and city residences, Murray reveals an extraordinary mastery of the classical vocabulary and a sensitivity to proportion and scale. Within that framework Murray inserts the comforts of contemporary living in a way that is seamless and completely logical. A unique aspect of his process is the traditional Beaux-Arts drawing known as the Analytique, which brings together all of the significant elements of a design in a harmonious and balanced whole.

The projects range from glamorous Fifth Avenue apartments with breathtaking terraces and Central Park views to a rambling shingle style house in the Hamptons and a pristine neoclassical retreat in Columbia County to the restoration of the President’s House at Yale University. Collaborating interior designers include Ellie Cullman of Cullman & Kravis, Thomas Jayne of Jayne Design Studio, and Brian McCarthy of Brian McCarthy Inc.