Blotto Botany

A Lesson in Healing Cordials and Plant Magic

Spencre L. R. McGowan


116 pages

In Blotto Botany, herbalist and witchy healing expert Spencre McGowan shows you how to use the power of nature to treat a variety of common ailments, pamper your body, mind, and spirit, and add a little zing into your life. Blotto Botany includes appealing recipes for forty medicinal cordials, organized by season, that use a variety of natural ingredients, such as lemons, rose petals, damiana, and elderflower, including:

• Soothe Yourself Tonic
• Lovers’ Lip
• Lilac Wine
• Douglas Fir Tipsy
• Oh, Mary! (Bloody Mary)
• Champagne Strawberries
• Tulsi Me Tulsi
• Dandelion Swag
• Carmelite Water
• Drunk in Love
• Sommarvatten

Blotto Botany also comes with recipes for medicinal shrubs and syrups, as well as details on plant lore, wild crafting, crystals, and advice on whether to use a red wine or a white wine in infusions. Beautifully designed—each page includes a four-color collage and photographs created by the author, and all the recipes are written in her own handwriting—Blotto Botany is a health and mixology reference that celebrates plant magic in a unique and fresh way.