Penhaligon's Blasted Bloom Eau de Parfum 50ml

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    Head Notes

    Wild Berries, Aquatic Accord, Green Leaves
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    Heart Notes

    Eglantine Rose, Pink Pepper CO2, Hawthorn
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    Base Notes

    Alaskan Cedarwood Essence, Clearwood™, Moss, Musks
  • Aquatic-berries flavour an invigorating breeze and the coastline marches ahead. Below, outstretched an infinite sea, blustering with the beauty of Nature untamed. Unfolding all around, profound consolation and exhilaration. Illumination and inspiration. 

    A painterly scene. The familiar tableau of shore against raging sea. The air is crisp from a soft minerality. Wild fruit adds sparkle, berries, pink pepper, green leaves crushed underfoot, eglantine rose, hawthorn, a touch of the rugged. Nature’s magic is abundant. Red earth (pink peppercorn) and musks, add a welcome hint of the carnal, Nature’s seductive power hits a high. Moss and woods root the altitudes to the earth, Mother Nature silently rejoices. 
    A precious memory of the British Isles on a light flooded morning lost, as we were, in reverie.