Paul Deluca

                                     Clay Work by Paul DeLuca

An ongoing collection of original pieces by ourDalton based artist.

His pottery is not production work. Each piece is unique to itself and a part of a creative journey that gives imbues each piece with it's own voice and presence.

The throwing and technical aspects of the craft have been pushed to reveal new discoveries and each object has it's own distinctive path to completion.

An amazing transference of extremely personal elements of high design bare into each individual piece of clay. Ultimately the process ends when the completed work changes hands to a very fortunate new owner. 

No two pieces will ever be the same. No colors are going to be repeated in the exact same shade. Beauty is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete and yet expressed in this unparalleled production now available at Jane Leslie & Co.

 The marks on the clay on the inside and out are the story of its creation.