Opening Ceremony | Dogabouts: Ollie by Julia Frakes

Opening Ceremony | Dogabouts: Ollie by Julia Frakes:

Look!  Our friends at Opening Ceremony featured Oliver, the Jane Leslie & Co. store puppy!


via Opening Ceremony:

Meet Ollie, our friend JULIA FRAKES’ dashing pup, who took the road this past holiday weekend in this darling getup!
Name: Oliver “Ollie” Frakes, cozy in ALL QUARTERS
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Snapped: Driving along in chilly Pennsylvania
Favorite treat: Happy Hips Sweet Potato Chews!

Click here for more photos of Ollie pup at Opening Ceremony New News!

Come say hello to our shop puppy, Ollie!  He loves to greet customers and is usually in-store during normal business hours!

Jane Leslie
Jane Leslie